September 5 – 9 2018

Christian Lemmerz

Techfestival brings together 300 organisers from around the world in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking district for a series of events, talks and activities to find human answers to tech problems. Examining the ways technology shape our societies, Techfestival is a chance to explore what happens when technology impacts the way we structure our lives.

Khora Contemporary unveiled the world premiere of Christian Lemmerz’s second VR piece TRAUM, 2018. In this work, the artist materialises the tragic as a virtual space, using the aesthetics of hyper realistic video games to create a Freudian nightmare. Users find themselves in a steel cell, that flits from total smoke-filled darkness to dim illumination. Snakes slowly slither into the space, multiplying in number as they turn on the viewer. Fear, helplessness and vulnerability materialise as a paralysing force that echoes the oppressive, prison-like surroundings. The medium offers agency only to strip it away, creating feelings of entrapment and mounting claustrophobia.

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