Not I, Christian Lemmerz

November 24 – December 29
Tang Contemporary Art, Honk Kong

Christian Lemmerz

Tang Contemporary Art presented “Not I”, an exhibition by German-born sculptor Christian Lemmerz, marking the artist’s first solo presentation in Hong Kong. The exhibition revolved around themes of life and death, will and oppression. The artist has been influenced by great philosophers such as Immanuel Kant and Martin Heidegger, whose work he has been studying. He has also been influenced by our own time, where mass media, death, terror and suffering are central themes. One of the purposes of Lemmerz’s art is to create a space where the viewer’s own thoughts on identity, existence and being can have physical form. The striking beauty of his art stems from its shocking insistence and often leaves the viewer stunned and speechless. 

Lemmerz will presented his most recent VR work TRAUM, 2018, where he materialises the tragic as a virtual space, using the aesthetics of hyper realistic video games to create a Freudian nightmare.

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