So Far, Still So Close | Yu Hong & Nikita Shalenny

April 26 – 28 2019

Synthesis Gallery
Kopernikusstrasse, 14 10245 Berlin

Yu Hong
Nikita Shalenny

‘So far, still so close’ was curated by Tina Sauerlaender (Radiance VR) and George Vitale (Synthesis Gallery) and was the first collaboration between Khora Contemporary (Copenhagen, Denmark), Radiance VR and Synthesis Gallery (Berlin, Germany).

Both artists, Yu Hong and Nikita Shalenny, in their artistic practice deal with the altering passage of time. In Hong’s ‘She’s Already Gone’, the narrative follows differing timelines as the life and aging of the protagonist moves forward while history goes backwards. Nikita Shalenny’s work is mentally extended to infinity. The bridge and the horizon are set between two places. The horizon disappears within space, yet the strong conviction that there is a better world beyond the horizon lives on. Both artists create drawings and paintings by hand that are later transferred into the virtual space to become animated artworks. The visible brush strokes add a layer of physicality to the virtual world.

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