Kulturhuset Rejsestalden

Ongoing exhibition
Center for Kultur og Fritid, Jægerspris

Tony Oursler

Erik Parker

Christian Lemmerz

Khora Contemporary is proud to present an ongoing exhibition with the Kulturhuset Rejsestalden. The space has exhibited VR artworks by Christian Lemmerz and Erik Parker. The latter show will be open until November 2021. They will shortly unveil the latest iteration in this series, Tony Oursler’s Spacemen R My Friended (2016). 

The work by Tony Oursler is an exploration of a person’s mind and story. The viewer is invited to follow George Adamski, a ‘contactee’, claiming himself to be the first person ever to have seen and talked to aliens and even visited other planets.

The exhibition will remain open until April 2022.


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