The Art Gorgeous: Virtual Reality trends in the art world


26 May 2017


According to The Art Gorgeous, Virtual Reality seems to become one of the most captivating ways of expressions on the art scene. Both Christian Lemmerz and Paul McCarthy's works are on the list of five recommended VR experiences.


Khora Contemporary at London Art Night 2017


1 July 2017


At one of UK's largest free arts festival Khora Contemporary presents their  new virtual reality works by artists Christian Lemmerz and Paul McCarthy. The works will be shown at the creative workspace Second Home – with music and cocktails until midnight.


VR Art comes of age at London Art Night 2017


30 June 2017


FAD Magazine recommends visiting Khora Contemporary's contribution to the London Art Night Festival 2017 the 1st of July at Second Home.


“Both artists can be seen to have pushed their ideas, and ultimately their practice, through their ground-breaking approach to the use of this fast-evolving medium.”


Video by Cobo Social: Virtual Art brought by Christian Lemmerz


13 June 2017


Artist Christian Lemmerz and one of Khora Contemporary partners, Peter Fisher talk to CoBo Social about working with VR. Footage filmed at our joint exhibition with the Faurschou Foundation in Venice.


Zwei Amis in Venedig


24 May 2017


Two shows stood out at the Venice Biennale according to the Tages-Anzeiger , both by american artists Philip Guston and Paul McCarthy! Artistic milestones in the virtual reality


18 May 2017


Our Venice Exhibition 'New Media (Virtual Reality) is mentioned at as an exemplary initiative on the use of VR in art world.


Venice exhibition featured in Artnet's analysis of the current art market


15 May 2017


Artnet's columnist examines three stories that raise hard questions about what the art market is — and what it isn't. The exhibitions is featured in the section 'VIRTUALLY THE SAME', where the new technology and it's position at the art market is discussed.


Paul McCarthy and Christian Lemmerz Show the Brilliantly Disturbing Future of Virtual Reality


10 May 2017


Scott Indrisek reviews the Venice exhibition at Artsy and interviews Christian Lemmerz about the use of VR as a new media in art:


“The funniest part,” Lemmerz tells me, “is that, for the first time, you can see what’s inside my brain. The only time I’ve seen something similar is when I was young and took LSD”


Venice exhibition featured in My Art Guides


23 April 2017


On the occasion of the 57th Venice Biennale and as part of the summer’s Faurschou Foundation presentation in Venice, Khora VR launches its new project Khora Contemporary, a Virtual Reality Company born specifically to enable artists to create new scenarios where the psychological and physical dimensions overlap.


Virtual Reality in the Art World and the Reality of 2.500 Unanswered Emails


11 April 2017


Partner at Khora Contemporary Sandra Nedvetskaia featured at The Art Gorgeous.


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