Yu Hong

She’s Already Gone
Virtual Reality Artwork


Khora Contemporary is proud to present “She’s Already Gone”, the very first Virtual Reality piece by Chinese artist, Yu Hong.

The sun crawls across the floor of a bedroom belonging to a young Chinese girl, as the chaos of the Cultural Revolution rips through the streets outside. As she absorbs herself in the wonder of blowing soap bubbles, the slight noises of the demonstrations flood into the tiny space.

The scene is one of four in Yu Hong’s Virtual Reality work, placing the viewer in the middle of four moments, traveling through the life of a female character from her birth to her old age. The narrative follows differing timelines as the life and aging of the protagonist moves forward while history goes backwards.

Whereas her birth takes place in a modern hospital, the subsequent scenes take her and the viewer further and further back in time, until reaching the earliest known period in Chinese history.

The fleeting and perpetual act as two merging opposites, probing development, repetition and change in history and in the life of the individual.

Each scene is painted by the artist by hand and adapted into Virtual Reality, the visible brush strokes adding a layer of physicality to the virtual world.

Khora Contemporary

Khora Contemporary was created to become a bridge between the artists and Virtual Reality developers.

We provide artists with best assistance to develop and unleash their imaginative visions exploring this new media and its limitless possibilities.

We offer opportunity for artists to research the depths of VR and find inspiration to create a new body of work.

With the latest technology at hand and and an exciting list of artists in the pipeline, Khora Contemporary is set to become a pioneer of this fascinating new medium, assuring the best quality of the viewer experience.

It is only a matter of time before Virtual Reality artworks populate the permanent collections of museums, public spaces and our living rooms.

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